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Energy Efficiency

Horizon Homes' philosophy is to provide a solid, well insulated, energy efficient home, better than any other home builder in the Omaha area. Standard in every home is the building industry's best insulation package. Each has 2x6 exterior wall construction insulated to the R factor of 25. Ceilings have an R factor of 38 (R-35 is recommended in our region).

The "California Corners," a special framing technique is used which allows for batt insulation in the exterior corners (in normal 2x4 construction there is no insulation in the corners). Moreover, a 6 mil poly vapor barrier is used on all exterior walls and all ceilings to the attic to control cold air infiltration. Additionally, we foam insulate around all doors and windows, and all drilled holes made to run electrical wiring on the outside walls.

The Industry's Best Insulation Package
  • 2" x 6" Exterior Walls R-24,55
  • 2" x 6" House/Garage Wall R-24,55
  • All Flat Ceilings R-38
  • Sill Seal Insulation
  • Foundation and Floor System
  • All Wire and Pipe Holes Caulked
  • Expanding Foam/Window Surrounds
  • Windows and Doors Set in Caulk
  • 6mm Vapor Wrap Walls/Ceilings
  • Wood Windows Insulated Glass
  • Thermo Seales Storm Door
  • Styrofoam Core Garage Door
  • Garage Door Bottom Weather Stripped
  • Garage/Home Door Weather Stripped
  • Garage Heat Ducts Insulate

Horizon Homes are built to overwhelm climatic conditions and provide their owners with comfort and reasonable utility bills. With such a large investment at stake, don't you owe yourself the best of what is available in the marketplace? A home with the finest insulation package as a standard feature. You and your family deserve a Horizon Home. A home you'll be comfortable in for years to come; a Horizon Home built to withstand the test of time.

What is Energy Efficiency?

There is a lot of talk out in the housing market about energy efficiency and "green construction"...just what does it mean? Who is truly an Energy Efficient Builder?

Saving energy dollars every month means a person can buy more house for less money. As an example: if you save even $100 a month, you can own over $16,000 more house! But just adding more insulation in the attic is not enough! The entire home needs to be built energy efficient.

A higher "R" rating in outside walls combined with a higher attic rating is the first step. Horizon Homes' outside walls are rated R25.8 and the attic is R38. It makes little sense to have high attic insulation without enough in the outside walls, and to achieve a true R25.8, a home must have 2X6 exterior framing with complete thermal envelope construction. No other area builder uses this advanced method of framing. We welcome on site tours!

Horizon Homes ensures that all cut openings, the area around the doors and windows, are sealed. Using four times the caulk and expanding foam provides not only insulation but stability. This method provides infiltration control that is key to the comfort and livability of the home. Exterior walls and upper ceilings are wrapped in a 6 mill vapor barrier. Other builders who do vapor wrap use a 2 mill on exterior walls only...similar to the difference between a freezer bag and plastic wrap!

Horizon Homes has built Energy Efficient homes since 1988 Jim Stover, a hands-on owner, is a graduate of UNL's school of engineering with a degree in construction science. His philosophy has been the same since day one...save energy dollars with solid, proven construction methods. Tony and Denise Maryanski, Jim's reps have sold new homes for over 40 years. With over 4700 transactions, they truly are "Dedicated to Service." See all their listings at www.nebraskarealty.com today.

Horizon Homes builds homes in popular areas, a custom design service is available at no charge, inventory homes are under construction for quick occupancy. Excellent floor plans! It truly is a package!

Horizon Homes has built Energy Efficient homes since DAY ONE!!!


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